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Testimonials & Reviews

Below are just a few of the comments and feedback that I have received from past clients. These testimonials appear here with their permission.

What Some of My Clients Say . . .

“When I first met David I felt an easy connection. David is very professional but also extremely approachable. His skills are developed through a wide variety of personal experiences and a vast array of professional education and development. David has honed his skills in a way that allows him to communicate in an open direct manner. He has been able to guide me through a path of self discovery that has blessed my life and increased my personal growth and development. David has helped with both my personal growth and development and with the growth and development of my marriage. I appreciate David’s dedicated service and commitment. I know that anyone who truly allows themselves to be open to David’s communication and insight will see the benefits of his unique and gifted approach to self discovery.”

– James D., Sandy, UT

“David has had a profound influence on my life and recovery from chemical dependency. I am not a person that trusts easily. David patiently worked with me to establish a rapport and a relationship that allowed me to open up, adjusting his pace to suit mine. His approach of asking poignant questions and listening without judgment, while gently providing direction where needed, have played a major role in me truly discovering myself. His guidance has been invaluable in helping me learn how to live in a fashion that is consistent with who I am, rather than in conflict with who I am.

David is remarkably flexible in his scheduling practices and takes the time necessary to help me address the issues that are currently before me, even if that means he has to move his schedule around. I have found David's thoughtful, reasoned and kind approach to be far more beneficial to me than more traditional therapeutic approaches. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.”

– Lawrence B., Fairbanks, AK

“Growth and healing can only come from within; however, having the proper support and tools to help facilitate that growth makes a tremendous difference. I have been working with David Stringham for over 2 years. Although I sought his assistance for an entirely different matter, he was able to direct our work inward to heal myself. It has not been an easy journey. I often tease David that he is the physical therapist after knee surgery; somewhat of necessary roughness to carry one through the process.

The strengths that David displays has contributed largely to my progress. He does not operate on a one-hour session. This I found very beneficial as often it is at the hour mark that significant breakthroughs may occur; his process allows the momentum to continue. He is sensitive to emotions and energy allowing time and space around difficult and painful experiences. For me, he was willing to push back and remind me of my goals to learn boundaries, then offer opportunities to reach those goals. I have appreciated his thoughtfulness as he will randomly follow up after a particularly emotional experience during a session to see if I am okay. He takes the time to know the individual and adapts to where the individual is emotionally available in their journey.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to have worked with David through many adversities in my life. His commitment and tenderness to follow through has contributed greatly to the place I am in today – a place of more stability and peace with better tools of coping to continually weather the storms that have influenced my life.”

- Angie L., Manchester, NH

“Rather than confronting life’s challenges in a small room, with its sterile white walls eerily reverberating each consonant and vowel, David Stringham offers a refreshing new approach. Whether it be a park, a living room, a forest, or even over the phone, David allows his clients to select the meeting location to provide serenity and augment the opportunity of well-being.

His counseling techniques and training are both traditional and alternative. With David, a person can participate in a standard one-hour session, or if more in-depth attention is needed, he will work to accommodate those needs. David’s main goal is to attack the root of one’s issues, no matter what scenario that may entail. An individual engaged in counseling with David should expect insight, empathy, wisdom and a reassuring confidence that the information being divulged in a session remains private.

My counseling with David definitely made me more aware of how my thoughts, actions, and beliefs shape my happiness and stability.”

- Tanner C., Seattle, WA

“From the first question David asked me, I knew I was in for a unique experience, and it was one I had been praying to find. Finally, the opportunity to take on my life in a grounded, authentic and flexible way. No more 'Your time is up' at the 50 minute mark. I can truly express my feelings and get the guidance I require and deserve without a specific cut-off moment. Sometimes 50 minutes is all the time I have or need, on other occasions, I take as much time as I feel is essential to work through where I am at in my life. That is the beauty of what David does, he has an accommodating schedule. I can work through my questions, concerns, bumps, successes, frustrations and musings on my own timeline without worry of being asked to come back in a week and recreate it. He makes himself available so I can do my best work and find my own flow and balance. It has allowed my clarity and healing to move forward in an easy and befitting manner.

The ability to lose the formality if I choose is one of my favorite components. Sometimes I feel like a conventional conversation, other times discussing the universe and alternative things is where I find my learning. David remains grounded and stable in all settings and is always looking at things from a fresh and open perspective. In partnership with his guidance, I am addressed and challenged to fix what is not working in a caring, generous and respectful way. I am an active participant! I am not told what to do, rather I am supported and inspired to trust myself and my own answers and remembrances. I recognize that David honors my instincts and works with me to tune in to them at a higher level.

I also appreciate the opportunity to consult anywhere - in my home, David's home, my office, the mountains, the local coffee shop or anywhere I feel comfortable. It is an integral part of my efforts. All are appropriate and easy places to focus on the work at hand. In fact, I found that being in nature and the outdoors is the perfect place to process and learn and heal. David is at ease in any setting and the work is done in a gentle and kind manner. He is always honoring of my personal views and values and there is advocacy and assistance to take on my life in a meaningful and supportive way.

I know that I have grown tremendously and worked through self-limiting behaviors and issues through a mix of humor, encouragement and many different traditions and styles. There is always something new to experience as I work to be my very best self.”

– Denny, Las Vegas, NV

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