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Intensive Counseling and Therapy

Regular 50-minute sessions are not always the most effective way to get to the root of the more difficult issues in your life. During particularly challenging times, it can be disruptive and inefficient to start work with a counselor or therapist only to be told that the time is up at the moment you get into a deep process and you have to start all over again during the next session, which could be days or weeks away. Intensive counseling and therapy sessions are a valuable alternative to this scenario.

By making longer periods of counseling time available to you—whether several hours, a single day, or several days—you have a unique opportunity to take all the time you need to work deeply and without interruption on your most difficult personal issues.

The Benefits of Intensive Counseling vs. Traditional 50-minute Counseling Sessions

  • The opportunity to go deep – Because we have more intensive time to devote to you and your life’s challenges, this creates significantly more depth and momentum for your sessions. Clients report that these longer sessions provide greater benefits than what typical 50-minute sessions can provide.

  • Faster, more effective results – Instead of spreading your counseling sessions over months or years, intensive counseling dramatically compresses the process so you can see the benefits of counseling sooner. 

  • A deliberate break from the demands and distractions of your life – When you dedicate yourself to intensive counseling sessions, you are putting increased intention and commitment toward making needed changes in your life. It can make a big difference in your sessions when you know you don’t have to jump quickly from counseling to the demands of your daily life, or vice-versa. Longer sessions allow you to relax and put your entire attention into your inner work.

  • Take the time you need to do your most productive inner work – Some people simply aren’t able to express themselves well or absorb important information within the confines 50-minute increments. This is especially true when clients are going through particularly difficult life situations. That’s why I offer this valuable alternative.

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Learn more during a no-cost, 15-minute phone session. Call or message me for an appointment.

What Is the Format of Intensive Counseling?

Your intensive counseling sessions can take place over the course of a few hours, a half a day, a full day or even multiple-days. By having these longer sessions, I am able employ various counseling and mindfulness approaches that tend to be more supportive when we have a longer time to work together. This helps us go deep and give you the best opportunity to do productive, inner work that can make a lasting difference.

In addition, I work in collaboration with my clients to have their intensive counseling process take the shape that works best for them while still making sure the therapy process is effective. This means that during our intensive counseling sessions we have the flexibility to do our work together while walking or sitting in nature or some other place that is comfortable and nurturing to you. In addition, during our sessions, if you wish, we can build in time for you to journal, do yoga or some other exercise, meditate or just rest. 


How Much Does Intensive Counseling Cost?

It is based on my hourly rate, and I am happy to discuss this as well as the possible format and location for your intensive sessions over the phone. Please call me directly at 801-891-5093. Keep in mind that although intensive counseling sessions require a larger near-term investment because of the longer duration of your sessions, compared to the overall cost of doing a standard therapy session once per week over the course of six months or a year, the overall cost of intensive counseling is similar if not less. Some clients find that they only need short and infrequent sessions after their intensive counseling process, while others continue to benefit from continuing with their regular 50-minute (or longer) sessions. It is different for each person.


Signs that Intensive Counseling May Be the Right Approach

  • You need more than standard 50-minute sessions to achieve sufficient momentum to do meaningful inner work

  • You are going through a particularly difficult period in your life that needs concentrated attention with a skilled counselor

  • You want to jumpstart the process of finding healing and wellbeing through counseling

  • You need to fully step away from the daily demands of your life and focus all of your attention on finding inner clarity and strength

  • You want to engage a focused counseling process with your partner or another family member


Intensive Counseling Retreats – When You’re Ready to Go Even Deeper

When you wish to explore as deeply as possible, a single-day or multi-day counseling retreat can be the most effective way to work through your life’s challenges. This is the ultimate opportunity to remove yourself from distractions and demands and give your full focused attention to working with a highly skilled, experienced intensive retreat counselor. My clients have reported significant personal benefits after a multi-day retreat. Learn more about my intensive counseling retreats.

Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats – A Unique Opportunity to Work On Your Relationship

Over the years I have worked with many couples, and even whole families, to help them resolve difficulties in their relationship and find constructive ways to move forward together. Best of all, you can choose to have your intensive marriage counseling retreat at the location of your choice – anywhere that feels safe and nurturing, and which allows you to engage this deep work together. Learn more about intensive marriage counseling retreats.

Intensive Counseling by Video or Phone

Many of the clients I work with are not located near Franconia, NH where I am based, which is why for shorter intensive counseling sessions, typically lasting two to four hours, I offer the option to have these sessions via phone, Skype or other video conferencing service. In fact, before or after multi-day in-person intensive counseling retreats, I often conduct one or more intensive counseling sessions via video in preparation for, or as a follow up to, the in-person retreat. Learn more about online counseling.

Flexible Counseling Sessions

Another unique alternative I offer my clients that is related to intensive counseling is the ability to schedule flexible sessions. What does this mean? If something comes up during a session—whether it’s a 50-minute appointment or something longer—that is particularly difficult or fruitful, in many cases we can continue to work together past your scheduled ending time if you wish to do so. Learn more about flexible sessions.

An Alternative to Intensive Outpatient Counseling (IOP)

For those clients that don't want to be in a group intensive outpatient counseling program, my intensive counseling option can provide a private, customized alternative. We can meet daily via phone, Skype or another video conferencing service, or if you are in the Franconia, NH area, we can certainly meet in person.


David Stringham, MPH, MSW - Intensive Therapy Counselor with 25 Years of Experience

Over the course of my practice, I have offered my clients intensive counseling options that extend beyond standard 50-minute sessions that most counselors and therapists offer. In the container of multi-hour or multi-day sessions, using a variety of proven counseling techniques and mindfulness practices, we will work deeply with the issues that are most troubling to you. My extensive background and experience in counseling and coaching includes two master degrees from Boston University: one in Public Health (MPH) and another in Social Work (MSW). Learn more about my background and approach.

David Stringham, MPH, MSW

David Stringham, MPH, MSW

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