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Family Support – A Special Service

I provide support to the partners, family members, and other loved ones of individuals who are going through extreme difficulties.

If someone close to you is receiving counseling or coaching (whether from me or another practice), it is likely that their struggles have greatly affected you and the other people close to them. Addiction, terminal illness, and grief are good examples of what I mean.

Typically, the primary person who is struggling with the issue receives the most help and attention, whether that be counseling, entering a treatment program, etc. In the meantime, those affected by the loved one’s difficulty sometimes neglect themselves or sacrifice their well-being for the sake of a suffering loved one. This is not beneficial to anyone.

For healing to truly begin, all of the people affected need support and guidance. The healthier everyone is in the system the better.

This is why one of my areas of specialty involves counseling and coaching the family members of people who are going through dramatic personal struggles. Not everyone in the family system needs a “psychotherapist,” but many could benefit from skilled guidance and support.

Healing Families and Loved Ones

I have extensive experiencing counseling and coaching the family members and loved ones of people experiencing a personal crisis.

Healing the family and the support system of the primary person is just as critical to the overall healing process as addressing the needs of the primary person in need.

I invite you to contact me if the personal issues of someone close to you have taken their toll on your own life and well-being. I believe that you will find that my approach is full of understanding and empathy for the emotionally-complicated position in which you find yourself.

My skillful approach will help you to discover and articulate these complicated feelings, providing much needed relief and an understanding that you are not alone. Together, we will work toward solutions that will help your own healing begin, so that you and your loved one will be on a similar path of growth and progression, healing together.

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