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Individual and Family Counseling Services - Franconia, NH area and more

Experience a Unique Approach to Counseling and Coaching

If you are struggling with your life's challenges and have been frustrated by the rigidity of traditional 50-minute counseling sessions, I provide a unique alternative with an uncommon level of access to counseling and coaching services. In addition to standard-length, 50-minute sessions, I give my clients the option to schedule multi-hour sessions or even full-day intensives. On top of this, my clients typically have the option to extend the duration of a shorter session should a particularly difficult or sensitive piece of work arise during one of our sessions. Plus my clients always have the option to communicate with me by phone, text or Skype if something important comes up between our scheduled sessions. 

Click the video on the right to learn more about my unique counseling and coaching approach.

We Can Meet at My Office, a Location of Your Choosing...or Even Online

Not every client is comfortable meeting in a traditional counseling office setting to work on the sensitive issues they face. That's why I give my clients the option to meet in any location where they feel comfortable and can do productive work. In addition to meeting at my office near Franconia, New Hampshire, I have met with clients in their homes, on hiking trails, in parks and many other locations of the client’s choosing. I am even available to conduct our sessions online via Skype or other video platform. This is a benefit that traditional counseling approaches cannot match. 

I am available for either in-person or online sessions.

Whether it's longer sessions, providing access between our sessions or using alternative locations for sessions, I give my clients increased access to my support and significantly more individualized attention than traditional counseling and coaching approaches can provide.

Begin with a 15-minute, complimentary session

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, a difficult relationship or some other life challenge, I encourage you to contact me and let's discuss how I can help you in a no-cost 30 minute introductory session. Call me at 801-891-5093 or use the form on this page.

I look forward to hearing from you. I assure you that I will respond quickly.

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