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Private Executive Coaching - New Hampshire & Beyond

Many professionals have discovered the benefits of private executive coaching and the tools it gives them to deal with the pressures of success.

Successful people in leadership positions appear to have everything going for them. They present themselves as confident, intelligent, talented and immune to the effects of criticism and failure.

The truth is, highly motivated, driven and accomplished professionals often derive their sense of self-worth from professional success and status, which can backfire in many areas of life.

The Value of an Experienced Executive Coach

I regularly provide executive coaching for highly accomplished people. Where other, less-specialized counselors and coaches are sometimes intimidated by successful people, I am undaunted by the dynamic, often challenging conversations that are required to help successful executives cultivate the skills and the balance needed to move from loneliness and fear to intimate and trusted relationships – both with themselves and with others.

I find that our work is most effective when we begin with one or more in-person intensive sessions followed by periodic phone or Skype conversations. If needed, we can schedule subsequent in-person meetings. You are welcome to come to my location near the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire or I am available to meet with you in any location of your choice. 

Executive coaching sessions can either be conducted in-person or online .

The Demands of Perfection on Executives

Demands for perfection in themselves and others can create difficulties with interpersonal relationships outside of the workplace. At work, “alpha” personalities can struggle to relate authentically to peers and subordinates. Sometimes the problems are due to others being intimidated by a person’s professional success, but often it’s because these accomplished individuals are not open to feedback about their negative behaviors.

The result can be a significant disparity between an outward appearance of self-assuredness and inward feelings of loneliness, isolation, and fear of failure.

All of this creates a stressful, negative, self-reinforcing situation that makes seeking and/or accepting constructive feedback very difficult.

Executive Coaching in Franconia, New Hampshire or at any Location of Your Choice

Where appropriate, some clients have found it useful for me to accompany them for periods of time in their work and/or family environments to observe first-hand some of their personal interactions while offering mentoring along the way.

I am available to travel nationwide to provide counseling for executives and, if you wish, we can do our sessions here in the Franconia, NH area where I am based. To schedule a no-cost 30 minute consultation with me call 801-891-5093 or click here.

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