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Relationship Counseling & Relationship Counseling Retreats

A Unique Approach to Relationship Counseling

No relationships are more rich and complex than those with family and loved ones, but when those relationships are bruised or broken, the effects can be devastating.

As an experienced relationship counselor and coach, it is my goal to create a safe, supportive and insightful environment for individuals, couples and families. This therapeutic environment allows clients to work through destructive patterns of behavior, broken lines of communication, and the pain caused by difficult events.

I offer both private relationship counseling sessions as well as relationship counseling retreats to adapt to the unique needs of each of my clients. Counseling session and retreat formats can include:

  • Individual counseling

  • Couples counseling

  • Family counseling

  • Custom formats

You Choose: Traditional Counseling Sessions or Relationship Counseling Retreats

Whether an individual, a couple, or family, you can choose relationship counseling sessions as either:

  • Traditional 50-minute (or longer) counseling sessions

  • All-day retreats

  • Multi-day retreats

Traditional Relationship Counseling Sessions

Traditional counseling sessions provide a comfortable space for effective relationship counseling, especially for clients who prefer a clinical setting.

In traditional sessions, individuals, couples or groups meet with me for 50-minute sessions to identify and heal the causes of relationship pain. My practice is unique in that I give couples the option in many cases to extend their 50-minute session if there is an especially difficult piece of work that would benefit from extra time to process. 

Relationship Counseling Retreats

As an alternative therapeutic approach to traditional sessions, I also offer all-day or multiple-day counseling retreats for individuals, couples and groups.

Retreats offer a unique way to bring a sustained focus on building trust, exploring long-held beliefs and established patterns that affect relationships, and creating more productive and supportive ways to build stronger relationships.

Many clients have benefited from the effectiveness of this more-contemporary setting, taking with them the long-lasting changes created by the powerful counseling retreat experience.

Regardless of whether we do short or long sessions, we will develop communication and listening skills, implement sustainable solutions, and work toward forgiveness and reconciliation.

To Begin Relationship Counseling

If you are interested in pursuing any of these relationship counseling options for yourself or a loved one, simply contact me to schedule a free 15-minute consultation by phone.

Together we will discuss your needs and how I can best meet them.

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