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About Stillwater Counseling and Coaching

A Unique Approach to Counseling and Coaching

Stillwater Counseling & Coaching provides flexible, private counseling and life coaching services beyond the scope of traditional counseling approaches and formats.

Sessions are customized to the individual needs and preferences of each client.


Clients can choose from a variety of alternative counseling approaches, such as outdoor counseling sessions, all-day and multi-day retreats, and coaching in the workplace. Traditional 50-minute sessions are also available.

Meeting Locations

I arrange meeting locations individually with each client. I am available to travel nationwide and internationally to meet with clients.

We choose locations based on their coaching and counseling needs — whatever helps them feel the most comfortable and the surroundings we think will best enhance our work together.

I’ve held sessions with past clients while walking through Central Park, backpacking in Alaska, visiting in their homes, and sitting in coffee shops. Virtually any location is a possibility.

For clients who prefer a more clinical setting, I am happy to make arrangements.

Although I am located in New Hampshire, I offer my private counseling services internationally. I’ve found that having this kind of direct access to your counselor/coach improves the effectiveness of the work we do together and is a major part of what makes Stillwater Counseling & Coaching unique.

Why I Started Stillwater Counseling and Coaching

One day I was attempting to gracefully conclude a standard session with a client when she stopped me and explained that she felt she simply didn’t have enough time in our 60-minute sessions to say what she needed to say.

She told me that she either needed more time or that she would stop her work with me.

This statement impacted me greatly.

I realized that she and many other clients were rarely at a point where they could complete their narrative in a natural way within the 60-minute structure.

I also realized that there was no reason to confine my sessions to standard time lengths, as most counselors do.

With this in mind I began to explore other ways in which to create an environment where each person has the freedom to honor their own rhythm by setting their own time frame and, whenever possible, choosing their preferred venue for our work together.

I do continue to work with some people who prefer the structure and container that a standard 60-minute session provides, and I am happy to do so.

They can pace themselves, and often people appreciate knowing that, at the end of this relatively brief time allotment, they can express whatever they needed to say and then return to other endeavors requiring their attention.

Nonetheless, many of my clients appreciate the option to design a different framework for our work.

More About Stillwater Counseling and Coaching

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