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Online Counseling and Coaching

Enjoy Unique Flexibility and Availability with Online Counseling

Do you find it impractical to do in-person counseling and coaching sessions because of travel and time restrictions? I offer my clients the option to do online counseling sessions over Skype, WhatsApp and other online video services. Of course we can do sessions by phone as well.

Online Counseling When Urgencies Arise

Online counseling also benefits my clients who regularly do in-person sessions or attend one of my single day/multi-day intensives. That’s because I make myself available for online sessions when something comes up that just can’t wait until the next time we meet in person.


My goal is to be consistently available to all of my clients in a timely manner and if something is urgent for a client, I do my best to be available by phone, video and even text messages. This is a unique service that few counselors and coaches offer. In cases when I am not immediately available, I make every effort to respond quickly.

Over the years I have worked with numerous clients who have benefitted greatly from our online counseling sessions, including several who live outside of the U.S.

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