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Intensive Counseling Retreats – A Focused, Personalized Approach to Wellbeing

With the undivided attention of an expert counselor, an intensive counseling and therapy retreat is a rare opportunity to do focused, inner work that can significantly improve your wellbeing and accelerate your personal growth.

Together, you and I will create a fully personalized, single or multi-day retreat in which I help you break free of your old patterns and increase your ability to experience contentment, even in the face of challenging life situations. With over 20 years experience providing my clients with a variety of intensive counseling options, my retreats are a much-requested offering in which I skillfully guide you through proven counseling, coaching and mindfulness practices utilizing a deep, impactful, and multi-discipline approach

Intensive counseling retreats

An Intensive Counseling Retreat... Jumpstart Your Better, Happier Life

Learn more during a no-cost, 15-minute phone session. Call or message me for an appointment.

Very few counselors and therapists offer their clients the opportunity to be immersed in their counseling experience in a sustained way. That’s why my work is different. It is truly a unique opportunity to disconnect from the demands and distractions of your life for a longer period of time to focus on finding strength, healing and clarity.

Many of my clients report that their intensive counseling retreat made it possible to experience personal improvement beyond what we could have accomplished in equivalent 50-minute counseling sessions. In fact, meaningful changes have the best chance of occurring when you are able to devote your full attention, free of distractions, to developing personal insights and reinforcing positive ways to cope with the challenges in your life. A retreat can be the catalyst for a happier, richer life with increased awareness, curiosity, calm, resilience and focus.

Common Questions About Intensive Counseling Retreats

  • How long do retreats typically last? My intensive counseling retreats take place from half a day, to a full day to multiple days; however, a typical retreat lasts from three to five days. In some cases, I give my clients the option to extend their retreat for an extra day or two should the need arise.

  • Where are retreats held? I encourage my clients to choose a location for their retreat that is most conducive to doing focused, uninterrupted inner work. For some clients, it means finding a place that provides comfort, nurturing and the availability of amenities to support that. For others it means being out in the wildness and beauty of nature, completely disconnected from the world. Typically, I travel to locations where clients wish to have their retreat, but sometimes they travel to where I am, which is in the beautiful White Mountains near Franconia, New Hampshire. Over the years I have conducted retreats for individuals, couples and families in a variety of settings -- from luxurious, private resorts and homes to rustic, secluded cabins to rugged, outdoor campsites and about everything in between.

  • How much will my retreat cost? The costs depends on the duration, but it is based on my hourly counseling rate times the number of hours we work together, plus travel, lodging and food expenses. I encourage you to give me a call at 801-891-5093 and we can discuss cost specifics as well as the possible format and location for your retreat.

  • Can I personalize my retreat? I consider our intensive counseling retreats to be a collaborative process. Together, you and I come up with the length, the location and even a portion of the format based on your needs and what it is you want to accomplish during the retreat. As no two clients are the same, so are no two of my retreats.

Retreats for Individuals, Couples and Families

I conduct my single and multi-day counseling retreats not only with individuals but also with couples and families. And keep in mind that you don’t need to be in crisis to reap significant benefits from a retreat. You and I can focus on skills and practices that enhance wellbeing and make you more resilient to life’s difficulties. Learn more about intensive counseling retreats for couples.

Mindfulness as a Foundation

I include mindfulness practices as part of our work together as it is an extremely effective way to create inner calm and awareness while reducing stress. When combined with intensive counseling and coaching sessions over multiple days, mindfulness practice  often provides the clarity and focus needed to view your life challenges from a fresh perspective and to find healthier ways to cope.


A Retreat Can Be Effective for Addressing Many Life Challenges

  • Relationship issues

  • Major life events and changes

  • Grief and loss

  • Addiction

  • Life crossroads

  • And more.

Again, you don’t need to be facing a challenge to benefit from a retreat. It is an opportunity to build increased resiliency, self-confidence and wellbeing that gives you strength and clarity when life throws you unexpected challenges, which it inevitably will.

No-Cost 15-minute Consultation – Explore an Intensive Counseling Retreat with David Stringham, MPH, MSW

If you would like to explore the option of a customized, intensive counseling retreat, I encourage you to contact me for an initial no-cost, 30-minute phone consultation. Together we’ll talk about your needs, my unique counseling and coaching approach, and the retreat location options and formats that are likely to be the most helpful and inspiring for you.


Beyond the free 30-minute consultation, and as a prelude to scheduling a retreat, some clients choose to schedule one or more counseling sessions, either in-person or by phone, Skype or other video conferencing service. These sessions can last an hour or longer, and provide an excellent opportunity for us to get acquainted as well as for me to begin to understand your life situation. This can be a valuable way to lay the groundwork to the deep inner work we will do during your intensive retreat. Learn more about my background and my approach to counseling.

David Stringham, MPH, MSW

David Stringham, MPH, MSW

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